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NEWS at Accessoriex (since Apr 06)

26th Nov 06
- New Accessories Gift Box made in korea. 4 colours available. blue, light pink, dark pink and purple. please see "gift boxes" for more details!
11th Nov 06
- New pokka dot hair bands with a range of different colours! We have red, dark pink, light pink, black, yellow and light blue! All going at $3.90 each. Be trendy girls!
9th Nov 06
- New 10mm and 14mm round beads added! more are coming up!
4th Nov 06
- 4mm Bicone Beads of various colours added!(d.i.y beading material) added
24th Oct 06
- New Silver tone Eyepin (d.i.y beading material) added
- New design of beads added!
21st Oct 06
- New Shiny Hair Clips of Various Colours added! Made from Korea and are sold at a cheap price compare to the market!
15th Oct 06
- New 4 leave clover hp accessory under hp accessory for sale!
- New handmade wired heart in various colour key chain for sale!
5th Oct 06
- New Black Anchor and Wheel Beaded Earring, Red Anchor and wheel beaded Earring and Pink Wheel beaded Earring added. Limited Stocks!!
4th Oct 06
-New white doggy hair clips, pink doggy hair clips loaded! $1.90 each. only 2 available!!!
- Cute White Heart Clip added.. $2.90 each. only 2 available. Grab now!
22nd Sept 06
-New 6mm Round Beads added. Purple and peach colour. 10g for $0.80 and 20g for $1.50.
17th Sept 06
-D.I.Y 4cm Headpins for sale! at $2.40 per packet.
12th Sept 06
-Majong earrings available! only $1.90 per pair!
7th Sept 06
-Rhodium Hoop Earrings for sale. Once sold no more. Only one pair per color.
-Chain earring in black, mixed colour and gold at only $2.90 per pair. SPECIAL!
1st Sept 06
-Price reduce for swarovski crystal pearl earring
28th Aug 06
- New star earring added.
24th Aug 06
- New hp accessory added
22nd Aug 06
- Glow in the dark star ear studs at $7 for 3 pairs.
21st Aug 06
- New Pink Flower Black Dice Desire hp accessory added!
19th Aug 06
- New Earrings added under "Others". Something different and special for only $2!

18th Aug 06
- Choice of Colours for the hp strap is uploaded under "Make your name!"
15th Aug 06
- New Heart earrings added!Do check out!
14th Aug 06
- 6mm yellow, red, orange, pink plastic pearl bead added,
12th Aug 06
- Dark Purple ear sticks added
9th Aug 06
- Purple ear sticks added
6th Aug 06
- Black, red, navy blue and greenish-yellow ear sticks added.
- Pink Fur Mirror Hp accessory added.
- Pearl #4 earring price reduced
5th Aug 06
- New Retro Ear Studs added.
- New earrings added in "other earrings" and "star earrings"
26th Jul 06
-  More glow in the dark star ear studs added
22nd Jul 06
- 6mm Black and white pearl beads introduced
21st Jul 06
- New gift box added.
 19th Jul 06
- 2mm Black Glass beads added.
 18th Jul 06
- Wooden Beaded Hoop Earring. $2.50 each pair. 1 pair for each colour only!
16th Jul 06
- Black ear sticks added. 25 pcs for $1, 50 pcs for $1.90 
 15th Jul 06
- New dice rings added. Totally unique. only available in accessoriex!
 11th Jul 06
- New dice hp accessories added! 
9th Jul 06
- Simple white dice earring added.
- NEW! Glow in the dark star ear studs added!
7th Jul 06
- New Adjustable Rings added!
5th Jul 06
- New silver colour flower earring added! take a look!
2nd Jul 06
- Cookie Button earring added! only $2.50. U can only find it in accessoriex!
- Accessoriex hit 6000 for its monthly view!


1st Jul 06
- new special heart button earring added. only at $2.50!
30th Jun 06
- More new attractive hp accessories added! Take a look at them!
27th Jun 06
- New heart earrings added
25th Jun 06 - New glow in the dark gurry earrings added.
- New button Earrings added
24th Jun 06
- Button Style earrings are now introduced by Accessoriex. A new page was set up specially for all the button styled earrings!
- New SIlver flower dice key chain added
- New Hp accessory added.
- Black Swarovski Cross Crystal Pendant added.
- New Swarovski Jagged Teardrop Crystal Earring added.
23rd Jun 06
- More new star earrings added!
- Glow in the dark furry earring with star added.
22nd Jun 06
- New hp accessories added! All available in 1 piece only.
21st Jun 06
- New Black dice earring added under "other designs"
- New Black dice bracelet added.
- Reduced Price for various necklaces.
20th Jun 06
- Finally updated the sold out items!
- Cool stuff added! Glow in the dark hot pink star earring. The fur ball and the star both glows in the dark!
- New glow in the dark pink shell star updated under furry collection
- Other colours for spade earring under "other designs" uploaded
 19th Jun 06
- 2 new necklace added. A brand new design from accessoriex.
- Star anklet added
 18th Jun 06
- New Hp accessory added.
- New Retro Earring added under "other design"
- New Choker added.
- Product Picture of Purple Pearl Bracelet is up!
 17th Jun 06
- Accessoriex hit 5000 for its monthly total views! thank you!


16th Jun 06
- PRICE REDUCED for Furry #6: Simple furry earring.Now going at $2
15th Jun 06
- PRICE REDUCED for Brown Pearl Necklace, Purple Pearl Necklace and Brown Pearl Bracelets!!!
13th Jun 06
- New 15 mm black furry w metal ribbon earring added.
- Pink ear sticks added.
- The top view per day so far for us is 1183. We have also hit 4000 views per month! Thank you for visiting us! We hope you like our products!


12th Jun 06
- New star earrings added.
- New beads added
- New Retro Earrings added under "other designs"
- New Furry w Metal Ribbon added
11th Jun 06
- New red crystal beads added 
- New furry hp accessory added

10th Jun 06
- New Neklace added! Remember to check it out!
8th Jun 06
- New Furry Heart Hp accessory at $3.50
- New Leather Glitter "LOVE" Hp accessory at only $2.90!
- New Spade earrings added! $2.50 per pair. Limited stocks!
- Bandanas added.
- Japan minx fur hp accessory on sale now! $4.90 each! (u.p $6.90)
6th Jun 06
- New 1 sided Bubble Heart Earring at $2.50
- New Bubble Heart w Bell Hp accessories added.
- Price reduced for various hp accessory and key chain.
5th Jun 06
- Black and White Pearl set promotion now starts! Promotion ends on 18th Jun 06. While Stocks last!
- New White pearl necklace added. $6.50 each
- New White and Black Bracelet added. $3 each
- New Bubble Chain Earring at only $2.70
4th Jun 06
- New Furry Earrings for sale at $2.50. While stocks last!
- New small black pearl earring added.
- New hair accessory added
27th May 06
-  Prices reduced for pearl earrings.
20th May 06
- Ear studs are introduced in Accessoriex
- New Chunky Star Bracelet!
- New Simple small or big Shell Star Earrings
11th May 06
- New Swarovski Crystal Pearl Round Earring at $5.50
- New simple flower earrings under "others collection". Price ranges from $2-$2.50. Available in 3 colours
_ New Ankle socks added, orange or yellow colour
- Accessoriex hit 3000 views and above!


8th May 06
- New Bubble Heart shape Earring added
7th May 06
-  Minx Fur with pearl hp accessories from Japan. Only 1 available and u can't find it in any places except here!
- New Bubble Heart Shape w bell Hp Accessory added
5th May 06
- Swarovski Crystal Chalienda Earring added.
- Big Star Shell Earring Added.
- Accessoriex now sell ALPHABET BEADS TOO!
3rd May 06
- Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant added
- Purple simple gift box added.
1st May 06
- Accessoriex now sell gift boxes too!
28th Apr 06
- New Swarovski Matted Crystal Frosted Heart Pendant

25th Apr 06
- New Swarovski Butterfly, round hooked and heart shape earring added.
- Other new earrings added under "other collection".
24th Apr 06
- Earrings prices updated. Price reduced for various earrings!
23rd Apr 06
- New Swarovski Beaded Earring, Swarovski Butterfly Earring, Swarovki Flower Pendant, purple stone choker, beaded choker in pink or blue, new heart shape crystal earring added under crystals collection and simple silver color star earring added.
22nd Apr 06
- New shell earrings added under shell collection, new hair accessories added. (eg. star hairclips etc)
- Reduced prices for swarovski crystals accessories and brown Pearl necklace and Bracelets
21st Apr 06
- New black pearl necklace, yellow flower shell earrings, doggy earring and 2 new bracelets added.
18th Apr
- Accesoriex has hit it's 2000 views after a month since it's set up. It's also about 1 week after we hit our 1st 1000 views! Thanks for viewing! =)
- new glass bead earring added under others in the earring category.


17th Apr
- New Crystal Teardrop style earrings added.
- Another good news for Accessoriex! The top view per day for this month is 297! Thank you for visiting us!


16th Apr 06: 
- New Choker added
15th Apr 06:
- New Swarovski Bracelet added.
- New earring added
14th Apr 06:
-  Price reduced for Hot Wave Sling Bag and Chokers
- New beads and chokets added.
13th Apr 06:
- NEW!!! SWAROVSKI Crystals Accessories added. More item will soon be updated! Check us out!
- New Purple Necklace added
9th Apr 06:
- Accessoriex's handphone accessories and key chain are up! More design will be coming your way!
-  New Earrings added under starry collection! It's a brand new series!
- Accesoriex has hit it's first 1000 views after 3 weeks since it's set up! Thanks for viewing! =)


8th Apr 06:
- A brand new collection of beads added!
7th Apr 06:
- NEW Earrings added under crystal collection
- NEW PEARL NECKLACE AND BRACELET! (great gift for your mothers! *hint hint ~ mother's day coming!*)
- Prices furthur reduced for cds! All original copies and in 10/10 condition! ALL GOING B/W $10 to $11 NOW!
5th Apr 06:
Price reduced for cds, vcds, clothes, cosmetics and earrings!
4th Apr 06:
NEW ITEMS ADDED in earrings section
3rd Apr 06:
Clearer Pictures of our accessories are now uploaded!
Please feel free to browse through them..!

happy shopping!